What-If Programmes are an assessment of an event that may happen. This could be a change of sequencing, a foreseen risk or a risk mitigation scenario. 

The production of What-If programmes are important in any project risk management strategy. Understanding the impacts of certain events or assessing the impact of multiple scenarios allows an informed decision to be made when required.

What-if programmes can be produced on any event within the programme, not just focused around risk. The benefits of opportunity can also be calculated in the same manner, determination of any effects of value engineering or how acceleration would affect the programme. 

We can advise on appropriate what-if programmes through the life cycle of the project or carry out separate or independent What-if analysis on any event within a project. 

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There are several methods to determining the affects of delay on a construction programme and selection of the appropriate method is critical. Depending on the circumstances and contractual agreements in place we can assess and advise on the impact of any delay encountered.

In order to agree the affect of a compensation event NEC contracts require a programme to demonstrate the impact for each event (or a collection of events, if agreed and assessed in the correct method). We can assess and produce Compensation Event Programmes to show the effects of changes to the works. 

You may have already experienced delays on a project and want advice on how strong your position is to claim an extension of time, resource thickening or additional costs associated with delivering the works. We can review the information and contractual agreements in place and advise on entitlement.

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