We can support your operational and commercial teams by producing, maintaining and monitoring the weekly programmes. 

These often include at least a look back period to show asbuilt progress, include a baseline back to the previous programme to show the change and a forecast plan moving forward.

Presentation of programme information can often increase understanding of the plan. We regularly utilise different methods of presenting programme information and programme filters to increase understanding of the plan and improve coordination across site. 


Early Warning and Compensation Event advice will also be provided during the ongoing weekly programme process. Raising the appropriate notices in a timely manner is critical for risk mitigation but also to ensure entitlement is not lost. 


For added value the materials and resources can be added to the weekly programme to clearly demonstrate requirements and ensure there is no over-utilisation of resource or available materials. Inclusion of this information provides valuable information to the operation and commercial teams to improve the effectiveness of project management. 


Planning over short periods increases the ability to react to change and lowering the level of risk exposure.   

Logistics plans also include added information to any weekly programme, clearly demonstrating access, working room and continuity requirements. For more information click the link below:

Weekly programmes should be used to coordinate the works on a shorter more reactive basis than the contractual programme but are not intended as a supplement. Monthly programmes will contain high level information and the requirements of the contract. For more information click the link below:

Cut and Cover Tunnel Construction
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