Time Chainage Time Location Programme

Time Chainage, also known as Time Location is a method of planning which incorporates location information within the plan. 

It can only be utilised on linear projects such as highways, pipelines, cable installation or hi-rise buildings. 

The inclusion of location information within the graphical representation allows for coordination clash detection. It also allows tasks to be offset by distance rather than by time. 

For additional value, material volumes can be added and linked within the programme to show mass haul information and indicate cut fill balance across the project. 

We can produce Time Chainage and Mass Haul programmes to increase coordination across your project. The inclusion of this information adds another dimension to the programme and adds valuable information when introducing change. As the mass haul is added to the programme the cut fill balance is constantly updated with each programme update. This can include stockpile management aswell depending on the cut/fill requirements. 

Planning linear projects using Time Chainage or Time Location greatly improved especially when the mass haul element is included. Incorporation of mass haul information when assessing change is invaluable in the demonstration of the impact the change has caused. 

Time location planning can be run in conjunction with a more traditional Gantt chart critical path method programme or be used as a replacement in some instances. Contact us to find out more. 

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