Tendering is a critical part of any business. We can help by providing professional programmes to assist with your submission. This will include a detailed breakdown of all assumptions and clarifications to be included within the return.   

Tender planning can be overlooked due to focusing on the price whereas the programme is critical to ensuring the scope can be delivered in line with the price. Consideration of programme or methodology constraints will all affect a price. 

We will work with the commercial team during the tender period to make sure a competitive bid is produced. Importantly our involvement in the process will help the programme and price align. Disconnects at this stage can be irreversible once the contract is executed.

A robust tender programme will set an initial baseline for effective project management and improve project risk management. Tender programmes are inevitably included within contract award documents. We produce programmes to ensure they are deliverable, fully compliant with the contract so they can be administered effectively from project award.

Contact us for assistance with your tender planning or go to one of the other sections below to find out about other forms of tender support. 

Building Plan II

Programme will be a key part of any tender submission. We work with you to review the tender documents and produce a compliant programme. We also offer advice on contractual obligations during the tender or negotiation phases.

Selection of sequencing and constructability of the project within the known constraints are important when pricing a project. We can review the constructability and develop a construction sequence to maximise efficiency and meet contractual obligations. This will also hilight the risk and opportunity to the projects programme.

Being able to visualise a construction sequence is sometimes difficult using traditional methods. We can help by producing high end and affordable 3d animations of the construction phase to assist with tender submissions and project delivery. 

Logistics plans can help in demonstrating the requirements for access, laydown and working room during different phases of the construction process. Inclusion within a tender submission will clearly document the requirements needed to align the programme with the price for the works. 

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