Most projects will know their critical path but how many know their most critical activities!

Schedule Risk Analysis is an analytical approach used to determine the likelihood of project overrun. This approach improves predictability and will determine the activities which are at the highest risk of causing overrun. 

This process is also used in risk analysis of overrun during high risk activities such as possession or shutdown works. 

Understanding the likelihood of project overrun and the activities which pose the highest risk allows attention to be focused on the most critical aspects of a project. 

We are able to run Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube sampling of an entire programme or filtered sections, trades or events depending on the requirements. 

The assessment runs through a multitude of scenarios which can then be demonstrated against the original project plan giving full foresight of the best, most likely and worst case outcomes of the risk analysis. 

To enquire about schedule risk analysis for your projects contact us now. 

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