Measuring key metrics on a project is important in understanding if targets are being met to allow mitigation measures to be implemented if necessary. 

We can work together to develop a practical set of Key Performance Indicators to track the success of your projects. 

We can also perform checks on existing project reporting to determine the effectiveness of current reporting processes. It is important to realise that while measurement of key metrics is important they can be manipulated to disguise bad news. 


Ensuring programmes are being effectively monitored, metrics are relevant and accurate is important to understanding the level of risk imposed to the project. Our experience in project delivery means we are able to develop practical metrics to measure project performance and develop easy to understand visualisations of the information. 


Bad news does not get better with time. We are experienced in project delivery and understand the need to highlight any concerns as early as possible in order to mitigate their impact. If you would like an independent assessment of your performance reporting then contact us.  

Ensuring programmes meet a set standard is essential to determining how robust they are and if they operate correctly as project management tools. We perform independent reviews of programmes to CIOB, US DCMA standards or a bespoke 26 point test. Any failed criteria will be filtered and reported for further assessment if required.  

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