Programmes are a tool to ensure effective project management. It is therefore essential to understand how robust this tool. Programmes can also be very complicated, the need for them to work as intended is essential. 

Our programme review service assesses a programme file against CIOB or US DCMA standards. We can also check to a bespoke 26 point test where you select the appropriate assessment criteria and the pass/fail mark. 

Once the assessment has been run we will provide a compliance report detailing the findings. Any failures will be filtered and reported against. If further analysis of any failures is required then we are able to perform this assessment for you. 

Determining the acceptability of a programme is essential in the determination of acceptance. Many programmes contain faults which are identified by running our assessments. Once identified the faults can be rectified to ensure programmes are robust and fully compliant with the relevant standards. 

Programmes that do not operate correctly or that contain other faults can impose additional unnecessary risk to projects. 

If you would like to know more about the assessment criteria then contact us. 

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