Programme management is fundamental to the success of any project. Our background in project delivery means we understand how to construct projects but also how to structure programmes to minimise risk and aide project managers.

A robust and well maintained programme that captures all changes is essential to effective project delivery. We don't just create project schedules, we integrate with your teams to understand the challenges being faced with delivery to improve efficiency and manage change.

Our programme management services can be tailored to your requirements. Programmes can include quantities and outputs, resources and materials, cost and value if required. Capturing and reporting all of the information within a single mechanism can reduce overheads and increase profitability. 

We offer a range of programme management services depending on your requirements. Each service can be tailored to meet your desired standard.  

Contact us for assistance with your programme management or find out more about how we can help go to the sections below. 

Project manager updating tasks and miles

High risk activities such as road closures or rail possessions will be time critical and detailed planning for these activities needs to be undertaken on an hour by hour basis. We can produce highly detailed plans to the minute to enable delivery of high risk time critical activities. Alternatively conduct a detailed review of an existing activity for marginal gains to improve productivity and profitability.

NEC contracts require regular programme updates which include as built information for the previous update period. We are experienced in the production and delivery of NEC compliant programmes and can off on-site or remote services. Key metrics for monitoring can also be used to demonstrate and track progress.  

Construction models can be included and linked to the programme to produce 4D programmes for the works. These show a pictorial representation of the works linked to the programme. The use of this method aids coordination and reduces inefficiencies which improves profitability for those utilising the technique. 

Short term planning and coordination of detailed construction activities is needed for coordination purposes. This could also include collaborative planning between trades. We can produce and maintain weekly programmes that help with the short term coordination and management of the project. Risk Management is improved when planning over shorter periods due to the reactiveness of the plans. 

Linear projects can be planned more effectively using a time chainage or time location method. This allows location to be planned to a higher level and also allows for mass haul planning and calculations for earthworks operations. We can produce, maintain and monitor programmes for linear projects such as highways, pipelines and cable installation schemes using this planning method. 

Earned Value Management can be simplified for use on any size project. It monitors the planned schedule and cost against the achieved and is much more effective at identifying problems or scope creep than other methods. It is also able to provide a more certain forecast of the final project cost. It is not a stand alone project tool and needs to run alongside the programme.

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