Are You Chancing It?

You've probably heard the proverb "failing to plan is planning to fail"

Truer words couldn't be spoken but despite nearly two thirds of construction projects failing to meet their time objectives many are still using inadequate planning practices.

So are you one of these people? Are you leaving it to chance?

If so then you've made the hardest step and that the realisation there's a problem. So many keep on going with their head in sand and ignore the problems.

Many tell me that they work to the contractors programme so don't need to do one themselves. Well good luck, by doing this your pretty much forfeiting all of your entitlement to additional time. Remember under NEC you can be time barred after 8 weeks so unless your constantly informing your client of the intention to claim additional time and money for changes then your missing out. You wont be able to do this in a big claim at the end of the job.

If you haven't got a programme then now's the time to produce one. Did you know under NEC if you don't submit an initial programme containing information required by the contract you can have 25% of your application for payment withheld?

So if you've now got a programme that shows all of the information required by the contract you will need to administer it. This means monthly updates, weekly monitoring and assessing changes to scope, access etc...

Sounds like a lot of work right and if your not including for the cost under your prelim allowance then the work is off the bottom line. Many contractors that I work with wouldn't bat an eye at a prelim allowance for a visiting planning resource to plan the works. After all its in their interest for subcontractors to plan and manage their works.

Despite this its an allowance which gets missed because "Our Project Manager does all the planning". Now if your PM is an expert in planning then great, but many aren't and why should they be, its not what they do. Project Managers are spread so thin these days they spend less and less time actually managing the project.

Programmes need attention and time to get the right. If your not affording them the attention that they need then they wont be effective. You wont be looking for schedule problems coming up, assessing multiple critical paths or have the time to put a valid assessment of delays together.

If you think your getting your moneys worth from a Project Manager by spreading them thin your missing the point of cost vs value. Yes your saving cost but your certainly not adding value. Without programmes being given the care and attention needed to be administered correctly they will fall short.

This may all sound like common sense to some of you reading this. Others might think I'm writing this sat on my high horse. I'm simply telling it like it is.

If you've read this and you think you might be chancing it then congrats for being honest with yourselves, give us a call and we can have a chat.

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