If you aim at nothing you hit nothing

Watching a film the other night when I head the saying "if you aim at nothing you hit nothing" and it got me thinking a bit after the film had finished.

Does your company have an aim for the project controls or are programmes only produced because the contract stipulates them? If its the latter then the programme isn't being produced and administered with a real aim in mind, its being done because its stipulated. If there's no real aim, is there ever really a hit on the target, let alone a bullseye moment?

Not too long ago I was contacted by a potential client who wanted to discuss increasing their use of project controls and programme management. It was a very refreshing discussion and they already had a list of goals that they wanted to achieve. They were entering the process with very clear aims and expectations and with our assistance we can help them hit the target.

But how many companies really engage in project controls with this aim in mind? Or how many buy into the process to hit the target. A good programme on its own is no good without the team buy in to follow or develop the plan. It would be like trying to hit the target with a no flights on the arrow. You would have almost all of the pieces to enable you to hit the target but lack the directional control of the arrow itself.

There are numerous aims that could come from a developed programme, a few are listed below:

  • Project Coordination

  • Resource Management

  • Detailed Change Management

  • Cost/Value Management

  • Automation of prelim workload

  • KPI reporting

  • Risk and Opportunity Management

The list goes on but these are a few ways that a programme can improve project performance. All of these can be achieved in addition to a programme and regular update if the work is put in and the team buy into the aim to assist in hitting the target.

On the opposite side to all of this are the companies currently not engaging in project controls. Not really producing a programme but having a delivery plan in there head and working to it. Some continue on this way and it works for them however they will never know what its like to make a hit on programme management because they aren't even aiming.

If you have a think about what your aiming to get out of your programmes, can you come up with a clear list? If not then maybe you need to get in touch and have a chat about how we can assist.


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