Emotions, Attitudes, Egos & Blame

Construction is a high pressure environment and site teams are often under a lot of pressure to deliver on time and on budget, sometimes with limited information and a load of hurdles in their way.

This pressure is compounded when things start going wrong and the workload just piles onto the already stretched teams and it often falls on the site team to formulate and develop any claims for Extension of Time (EOT). Afterall, the site team know all the detail and would have lived and breathed the job so who better to put the claim together right?

Well problems can occur when emotion starts to come into claim. Attitudes and Egos can effect the direction taken to substantiate and communicate the claims which can result in blame being directed at the wrong parties.

EOT claims will often develop during the course of the works delivery. They can drag on after completion however once this point is reached there are no more opportunities to mitigate. The damage has already been done.

A fresh look at the evidence and claimed events can bring a fresh perspective on the entitlement to a claim and the extent of EOT that is likely. An independent party wont be emotionally tied to the contract as the site team will undoubtedly be. (and who can blame them really. A lot of hard work goes into delivering a project and nobody likes seeing them going wrong).

Independent reviews and assessments based on the evidence will help senior management understand the strength of the claim and the likelihood of award. This is crucial when deciding how deciding how hard to pursue a claim. Independent assessments of EOT will remove the Emotion, Attitude, Ego and Blame from a claim.

If you have a claim that you would like an independent review of or if you would like to keep your site team focussed on delivery and would like an EOT claim assessed and prepared then please get in touch. We have experience working on complex projects, experiencing vast amounts of change and have secured large amounts of EOT for our clients using various techniques.

If you would like to discuss your EOT then please get in touch.


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