Monthly programmes form the contractual requirement of NEC projects. They should be submitted in accordance with the contract requirements. As we have extensive experience delivering NEC projects we are able to produce, monitor and update monthly programmes in accordance with the contract.

A monthly programme submission is much more than just a programme and should also contain relevant supporting documentation. We don't just produce project schedules, we work to produce deliverable information and analysis to improve project management, operational and commercial success. 

It is vital to maintain a regular programme and keep record of asbuilt and performance information. Its a common mistake for the frequency and quality of monthly programmes to reduce as the workload increases during project delivery. Engaging with us will release time for your operational and commercial teams aswell as ensuring regular quality updates are produced. 

In order to be compliant, change also needs to be included within the programme. We are able to assess and plan for change. To find out more click the link below. 

Crane delivery to Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour

Contact us for help delivering contract monthly programmes. 

Logistics plans also include added information to any monthly programme, clearly demonstrating access, working room and continuity requirements. For more information click the link below:

Monthly programmes need to be monitored to review progress against the plan. We can implement a process to monitor Key Performance Indicators in order for this to be monitored and reported. To provide a high level of project monitoring we can implament Earned Value Management on the project, tracking planned value and cost against actual. To find out more click the link below:

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