A well thought out and documented logistics plan should demonstrate all the necessary access points, working room and available forward workload to construct the works in line with the price. 

Contractors often fail to properly document logistics plans which lead to ambiguity once construction commences and there is coordination with other trades. The problem is often exacerbated when change is introduced. 


Having a clear and understandable logistics plan allows everyone involved in the project to understand where and how the works are to be undertaken. Documented evidence can also assist in proving entitlement to time and money later on if change prevents the plans from being implemented. 

Detailed logistics plans from an early stage of a scheme or even better at the preconstruction phase will aide project management by effectively communicating the plan. 


We can document clear and concise logistics plans for your projects taking consideration of all known constraints. These plans can take the traditional form of mark up plans with backup narrative or for additional impact these can be produced in a 3d visualisation video. To find out more about these click the link below:

Contact us for assistance with your site logistics plans or for a review of any existing plans. 

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