High risk time critical operations need to be planned to a high level of detail and include contingencies and milestones throughout the operation for monitoring. 


We are experienced in delivering high risk possession works in the highways, rail and marine environments and can produce comprehensive programmes and plans for the operations. 

Ensuring high risk activities are planned to a high level of detail and adequately monitored will reduce the risk they pose to successful project delivery. 

Planning to shorter duration requires in depth understanding of construction process, our experience delivering projects gives us the knowledge to produce reliable hour by hour programmes. 

Linear projects could also be planned on an hour by hour basis using the time chainage / time location planning method. For more information on this click the link below. 

For added value the materials and resources can be added to the plan to clearly demonstrate requirements and ensure there is no over-utilisation of the planned levels of resource or available materials. 

As hour by hour programmes are often required for high risk time critical operations it is also a good idea to include logistics plans within the submission for added value. For more information on these click the link below:

Bridge over river with construciton in background

Although the main purpose of high detailed programmes is for high risk activities as detailed, they are also very useful if you are a contractor that regularly conducts the same operation or need to investigate the reason for lower than expected outputs.


A detailed programme of the operation and monitoring can often highlight factors impacting the productivity that would otherwise go unnoticed. Changes to the plan can provide productivity improvements. Its unlikely that this will determine a completely new method is required but a series or small marginal gains can all add up to a noticeably improvement in productivity. Taking this onto future project improves the efficiency and therefore the profitability of your business. 

Contact us for assistance in high detail planning for high risk activities or for detailed reviews of methods for improvements. 

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