If your project has already experienced a number of delays and you need advice on where entitlement to additional time lies then contact us. 

We can provide a high level review of each case taking consideration of the timing of events and the contractual agreements in place. We can then advise on the likelihood for extension of time or entitlement to additional costs associated with programme. 

The next stage in the process would be to progress onto a detailed Delay Analysis. To find out more click the link below. 

Time on fire

There are several methods to determining the affects of delay on a construction programme and selection of the appropriate method is critical. Depending on the circumstances and contractual agreements in place we can assess and advise on the impact of any delay encountered.

In order to agree the affect of a compensation event NEC contracts require a programme to demonstrate the impact for each event (or a collection of events, if agreed and assessed in the correct method). We can assess and produce Compensation Event Programmes to show the effects of changes to the works. 

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