Training Course - Construction Programme Management

Improve your understanding and knowledge of construction programmes and the points to follow when producing, reviewing and maintaining a programme through the construction process. Learn more than how to use planning software and develop the key skills to understand how programmes should function including some of the common mistakes made within the industry and how to overcome them.

This course will assist Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Consultants & Clients develop the skills needed produce, manage, maintain and review construction programmes. This course does not teach you how to use planning software, instead it teaches you how a programme should be produced, maintained and reviewed.

All of the information provided is based on practical implementation of programmes from an operational and delivery perspective. Different methods of planning and presentation are taught to allow you to improve the communication and presentation of the construction phasing and programme. These additional skills will ease understanding of the plan to a wider audience.

Not only does the course cover the fundamentals to be included within each type of construction programme but also the best ways to monitor the programme and some examples of ways programme slippage can be mitigated. The course covers contractual terminology referencing the NEC suite of contracts however the best practice and planning management skills will be transferable across many other types of contract.

The course is aimed at beginner and intermediate students, those with an expert level knowledge of programme management and project controls would not gain from this training.

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