Underestimating the constructability of a project can lead to devastating effects on profitability.

Construction sequencing and methodology can determine many aspects of a programme and affect the price, these include:

  • Project duration

  • Intensity of works

  • Temporary works requirements

  • Logistics

  • Coordination requirements

  • Design clashing / Protection of completed works

We have vast experience in formulating construction methodologies and sequencing and don't just stick to the standard solutions. We have implemented some unorthodox construction techniques on complex projects which saved both time and money. 

Identifying opportunities within the design at tender or early construction phase can improve margins. Our operations experience allows us to review design information and identify where issues may be experienced and offer up solutions. 

A detailed constructability review also helps with project risk management by highlighting additional areas for risk and opportunity. These can also identify possible initial risk mitigation contingency plans from an early stage allowing for effective project management. Having contingency plans in place allows for faster reaction to change, minimising its impact and leading to more effective project delivery. 

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