The NEC suite of contracts are heavily reliant on programmes and require any changes are demonstrated with Compensation Event Programmes. 

This can be daunting if there are a large number of Compensation Events. We can work with you and your client to agree a practical way forward in the assessment of multiple Compensation Events. 

Production of Compensation Event programmes is an important process with many factors to be considered. Our extensive experience in delivery complex projects gives us the knowledge to consider all the necessary factors when assessing the impact of Compensation Events or Acceleration.  

We don't just produce project schedules. We work to understand the risks involved with each compensation event and make sure these are included within the assessments. This helps to maintain the risk profile of the project and improve transparency of each assessment. 

Contact us for assistance in assessment and demonstration of the effects of Compensation Effects on your projects. 

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It is critical that the appropriate notices for Compensation Events and Early Warnings are issued in a timely manner. These should be captured and notified as the project progresses. We can help in determining which notices should be notified as part of the monthly contractual programmes. To find out more click the link below. 

There are several methods to determining the affects of delay on a construction programme and selection of the appropriate method is critical. Depending on the circumstances and contractual agreements in place we can assess and advise on the impact of any delay encountered.

You may have already experienced delays on a project and want advice on how strong your position is to claim an extension of time, resource thickening or additional costs associated with delivering the works. We can review the information and contractual agreements in place and advise on entitlement.

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