Adding a 3D model to a programme and linking the elements within the model to the programme is known as a 4D programme. The inclusion of cost information is then known as a 5D programme. 

With the introduction of BIM modelling many projects have the information which can be used to produce a 4D programme. These can be used to effectively resolve programme issues and are a great way of demonstrating change within a project. 

If a model isn't available then we can get one produced from the construction information available so that a 4D programme can be produced. It is important that a model is produced or modified to group elements in line with the programme for a 4D programme to be accurate. 

The implementation of 4D programmes has been shown to increase the likelihood of achieving the projects time objectives. Being able to visualise the model in parallel with the project programme increases the foresight for coordination and improves a project managers ability to deliver the works. 

An added advantage of using a 4D programme is in the assessment of change as this can be immediately visualised and compared against a baseline image of the programme. Being able to immediately visualise the difference in the project as a result of a change event is immensely beneficial in assessing the impact.  Being able to react to the change quickly and demonstrate the change within a Compensation Event assessment are also benefits of 4D planning.  

If you would like to enquire about 4D programmes for your project then contact us to discuss further. 

4D planning with Asta Powerproject
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